New Car Ceramic 

Vehicle will receive an in depth all-in-one correction and polish. This will remove light to moderate imperfections and add extreme gloss. The paint and wheels face will be topped off with Ceramic Coating. 

"We recommend this package for vehicle 2 years of less years old. 

*Interior isn't included in package. Please ask for more details. 


Level 1 Ceramic

Vehicle will receive a full 2 stage paint correction, removing moderate to heavy imperfections. Wheels will be removed for deep caliber and wheel cleaning. Engine bay will be cleaned and dress. Paint, glass, calibers, and wheels will be ceramic coating for ton of protections. 


Level 3 Ceramic

Full two-stage paint correction PLUS MINOR SPOT SANDING to achiev

Vehicle will receive a multi-step paint correction remove heavy imperfections and adding mirror finish topped off with Ceramic Coating. Engine bay and interior will be cleaned and dressed. Wheels will be taken off the vehicle for deep cleaning and ceramic coated for protection. All glass with be treated with ceramic coating. 


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