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It’s one of the finishing touches to your vehicle that can make it truly unique: tinted windows. Sure, they look cool, but they also offer a number of benefits to both the car and to you. While you can request tinted glass windows when you order a car, there are also aftermarket options that can be installed by professionals.

Tinted windows: the benefits

  • Keeps the car’s interior cooler – Quality window film can provide up to a 78 percent reduction in heat transfer. This reduces the sun’s effect of heating up the inside of your car decreasing the amount of time that you will need to use your air conditioner. This can result in energy savings and the extended life of your A/C system.

  • Reduces interior fading– Quality film can block up to 99 percent of UV rays. This helps to reduce fading of your seats, carpets, dash and wood trim. It also works to extend the life of these items.

  • Reduces health risks – Exposure to the sun is known to cause potential health risks to the eyes and skin. By blocking 99 percent of UV light, window film will also act as a “sunscreen” to protect from the harmful effects of the sun.

  • Reduces hazardous glare – Glare while driving can blind vision and create for dangerous conditions. Window film applied to a vehicle’s side and rear windows can significantly reduce glare.

  • Increase safety – Accidents can turn a window into thousands of dangerous shards of glass. Window film can act to hold the glass together during an accident. It can also impede a would-be thief from gaining access to your vehicle.

  • Enhance appearance – Most shops offer varying shades of window film to appeal to almost any taste.

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