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When it Comes to Detailing…What’s Under the Hood Also Counts

Car enthusiasts love to keep their vehicle looking like new — even when it’s not. That’s why they employ the services of a professional car detailer, who has the tools and expertise needed to thoroughly clean and shine the car, inside and out, to keep it looking its best.

But…what about what’s under the hood?

Cleaning the engine bay is an important step but a lot of people simply don’t do it. The reason for this is probably that some people don’t care what their car looks like under the hood, as only mechanics see it for servicing.

The fact is that having the engine bay cleaned can make identifying any engine problems easier and faster. Mechanics love working in a clean engine bay, and if the car owner is having the car detailed before selling, a clean engine bay can make a big impression on how well maintained a car is. Anyone who is looking to purchase a used vehicle will likely glance under the hood, and a clean engine bay can only raise the value!

There are steps you can take when you have your car detailed to protect some components from wear and tear. The detailer cleans the engine bay by lightly spraying it with water, and then wiping it down with a degreaser before rinsing everything clean. Once properly dried, all silicone, plastic and rubber components should be properly dressed to protect them from cracking. This is a simple process that ultimately serves to protect the car from everyday problems of wear on rubber and silicone.

At Fleetwood Detailing, we're a firefighter owned and operated company that specializes in making your car the very best it can be. We're licensed, insured, and certified and we guarantee superior results. For more information on our services, give us a call today.

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