Window Tinting

"Feel the Difference?"

"Window Film Benefits"
1. 99% UV Protection
2. IR Heat Rejection
3. Reduce Heat
4. Reduces Glare
5. Privacy & Security 
"Film Care"
Maintenance should be followed to extend the life and appearance of your Flexfilm automotive film, as well as to maintain your warranty coverage. Do not roll down filmed windows for a period of five (5) days until the film has properly adhered to the glass. Do not wash the film for thirty (30) days after installation. Do not use abrasive cleaners or coarse cloths. Use a mild soap and clean, soft cloth or synthetic sponge.
"What Makes Us Different"
We use one of the industries leading film. We use a cutting software with a plotter that cuts to the to prevent damage to your vehicle. All vehicles are back with a lifetime manufacture warranty. Guarantee clean installation and bubble free. 
Pricing varies on vehicle size and what you want done. *We also offer Home and Commercial Tinting. Call for a Quote Today.